The F38xx series two-level bag storage and filling carousel is a very simple yet functional solution due to its compactness, large storage capacity and ease of use.
The range consists of 5 models with different diameters and various solutions for customisation.
The offer is completed by a state-of-the-art control panel that allows the system to work in complete autonomy and to inform the operator in the event of sudden interruptions or end-of-cycle.


01. Standard technical specifications


RAL7012 painted steel platform support/control support/bags holder*
RAL7035 painted steel rotating platform
AISI430 infeed pneumatic double outlet chute
Ø80 casters with brake
*tailor made bags holder it depends on the bag diameter

Ø rotating platform

mod. F3800 Ø 800+800 mm
mod. F3810 Ø 1000+1000 mm
mod. F3820 Ø 1200+1200 mm
mod. F3830 Ø 1500+1500 mm
mod. F3850 Ø 2000+2000 mm


direct pull
multi-tension three phases asynchronous motor 230/400Vac-50Hz-3Ph

Control panel

(Ø 1500 and 2000 mm con inverter)
0/1 switch, ON/OFF, E-Stop, 4.3" touch screen, light with buzzer, in/out external devices control, 16A socket for feeding conveyor, 6 selectable languagies (T-FR-UK-DE-ES-PT)


bag ready, feeding conveyor start, bag filling, shots counting, bag full, feeding conveyor stop, platform rotation, new empty bag ready, last empty bag alarm, system in stand-by
the filling operation involves completing the a level and then moving on the next

02. Drawing

03. Accessories




PC coverage Top cover in polycarbonate
Bags pressing rings Metal ring or elastic band
Adjustable legs 35x35 tubular legs under the table with telescopic supports painted in RAL 7012 for adjustable height from the ground
Fixed legs 35x35 tubular legs under the table for fixed height from the ground (table height defined by the customer)
Crown protection Under-table safety guard

04. Applications

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