12. 03. 23

Air of renewal: Crizaf, custom conveying systems

In a family company history, passed through the years from generation to generation, there is always a time when it is necessary to make a choice: evolve or remain static, change or remain anchored to their roots. We clearly felt the need to renew ourselves, to align our external appearance - which has remained unchanged for some time - with what we had become over the years: a solid, constantly expanding company, established in the field of transport and storage systems and ready to innovate continuously.

Rebranding Crizaf, allineamento tra identità aziendale e immagine esteriore

From this perception of dissonance was born therefore the will to change and today the result of this acquisition of awareness is clearly visible to all: it is our new image, the new face that represents us and expresses exactly what we are now. This important result has been achieved through a rebranding process: a path that has not only concerned the aesthetic aspect, but that also brought out the deepest aspects of our reality, allowing us to make every detail of our communication a true expression of ourselves. Reliability, listening, analysis, flexibility, collaboration, customized responses: these are the values that we feel are ours and that we have strongly desired to emphasize in the new image, so that our essence is clearly visible at first glance.

The first step of the rebranding activity was the company logo. The distinctive pictogram, maintained in its essential structure, has only been refreshed in a more modern way; same procedure as regards the company name "Crizaf": the font chosen for the new logo is more current and cleaner than the previous one, This conveys the idea of a company in step with the times, able to combine tradition and innovation, seriousness and predisposition to the future. A pay-off has also been added to the pictogram and the company’s name: we have entrusted him with the task of transmitting, in just three words, what we are, what we do and what we will always do. "Custom Conveying Systems": we manufacture customized transport tools. This is the core business of our company, this is what we specialize in, this is what we offer daily to thousands of industries around the world.

New corporate identity, new website and social media landing for Crizaf!

Once the logo was defined and the main guidelines of the new Crizaf communication were identified, everything was then declined in every aspect of the corporate image: a new coordinated image (business cards, notepads, email signatures, etc.), a new website , optimized to work best on any device and including all the information about products and services, and the opening of the Social LinkedIn channel to maintain a constant and continuous contact with our audience.

Our new corporate image supports our will for the future: confirm and strengthen our leadership in the field of materials transport and storage tools, expand the range of solutions proposed, strengthen the brand internationally and offer high-performance and long-lasting products that meet the expectations of our customers, while also ensuring continuous service throughout the life of the machine.

We are always the same, but with a new face: Crizaf, Custom Conveying System!